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Service Contract Terms and Conditions



  The following definitions apply within the Terms & Conditions of the Flames Gas Services (FGS) contract.

The central heating system is defined as:
1.1 The central heating boiler or warm air unit and the gas supply from the appliance isolating cock, together with the radiators and their valves, including thermostatic radiator valves and associated pipe work*
1.2 Motorised valves and the cylinder thermostat including the pump
1.3 Temperature and pressure controls
1.4 Feed and expansion tank
1.5 The primary flue.

The internal plumbing is defined as:
1.6 The copper pipework supplying the hot and coldwater tanks and pipework leading to the sanitary ware. the hot and cold tanks are also included.

*please note any pipework, flue or boilers, which have been boxed, will have to be unboxed to allow the engineer access before a repair and/or service can be carried out.


Annual service

2.1 A full central heating service will be carried out annually. In the case of a landlord property, a landlord's certificate will be provided. Where possible any fault found during the service will be rectified at the time of the service visit.



3.1 Contract customers will receive priority for call outs where possible.
3.2 Priority will be given to all boiler breakdowns subject to workload; visits may be made up to 24 hours from initial notification by the customer. Please note this may extend to 48 hours at the weekend and bank holidays.
3.3 No charge will be made for the labour or materials subject to the exclusions of the Service Protection Plan
3.4 Contract customers will have access to an engineer during weekends and holidays (except Christmas day) via FGS's out of hours on call number. Third party companies may be required in times of increased workload.
3.5 No responsibility can be taken for delays in the delivery(s) of replacement parts from suppliers.
3.6 All replacement parts will be supplied where possible on a like for like basis.
3.7 If parts are found to be obsolete then FGS will provide on request a quotation to replace the appliance at a discounted rate.


Replacement of the central heating system

4.1 The contract does not provide for the replacement or renewal of any central heating appliance or warm air unit or any part thereof where components or replacement parts are not reasonably available
4.2 Beyond Economical Repair - the point at which Flames estimates that the cost to repair your gas appliance exceeds its value (according to its age and boiler type). In the event of the boiler being found beyond economical repair a discounted quotation will be given to replace the appliance.
4.3 Exclusion Period: in the first year of cover, to prevent claims on pre-existing problems, there is an initial 28 day period when the appliance is not covered. The date from which a claim can be made is shown on the policy summary. Providing a renewal is made before the expiry of the policy, the exclusion period does not apply to subsequent years.



  The following are excluded from the contract.
5.1 The replacement of any decorative parts, trims, bulbs, remote control handsets, batteries and the fire surround.
5.2 Programming of the timing and temperature controls and re-pressurising the heating system.
5.3 Any domestic water supply from the hot water cylinder or gas appliance to and including the taps.
5.4 The fabric of the building, any pipe work or flue buried within it.
5.5 The supply to and outlet from the Cold water supply tank
5.6 Any damage resulting from the failure of the water or electric supply and the cost of repairing said damage including cost of labour and materials.
5.7 Any damage or defect caused by fire, flood, lightning, storm, tempest, frost, subsidence, structural repairs, accident, explosion or impact or any other extraneous cause and the cost of repairing said damage including cost of labour and materials.
5.8 Any damage or loss arising as a result of a defect occurring in the central heating system and the cost of repairing said damage including cost of labour and materials.
5.9 Hot water cylinder, un-vented water cylinders (leaking hot water cylinders will be drained and isolated)
5.10 Removal of scale or sludge or foreign objects from boilers, radiators, pipes, tanks, condense pipe.
5.11 Any repairs or modifications required because of design faults (unless FGS is responsible), or faults which existed before the contract was entered into, or which we could not identify on our first service or inspection of the system and/or appliance to which the contract applies, using reasonable care and skill.
5.12 Improvements including work that is needed to bring the system up to current standards.
5.13 The main heat exchanger of the Boiler
5.14 All power flue gas fires and flueless gas fires
5.15 Combination cylinders, elson tanks, thermal storage units, "Gledhill" Water Storage Products
5.16 Flue Integrity
5.17 Unblocking of condense pipes
5.18 Any central heating boiler exceeding 45kW
5.19 Flood damage to boiler which has been caused by the backfilling of the condense pipe and the cost of repairing said damage including cost of labour and materials.
5.20 The contract does not cover solar panel systems, ground source heat pumps and under floor heating, towel rails, cast iron and designer radiators, Immersion heaters, showers and associated controls/booster or secondary pumps
5.21 General system noises within heating system
5.22 Damage or loss resulting from any third party interference
5.23 Removal of asbestos insulation. Asbestos cement products cannot be removed from the premises and must be stored in sealed polythene bags for removal from site by others. There may be a charge for the removal of asbestos.
5.24 Any sanitary ware/ taps/blending valves
5.25 Magnatecs and scalemasters


Period of Cover, Payment and Renewal of contract

6.1 Payment can be made in full annually or monthly via direct debit for 12  months.
6.2 Where payment is made by monthly direct debit each payment must be made in the manner specified by Flames Gas Services. The contract will be terminated immediately if the customer fails to make a due payment.
6.3 The contract remains valid only as long as payment is continued. Any delay in payment will result in the contract becoming void but all remedies and causes of action which may have accrued to either party prior to the delay in payment shall survive the termination of or voiding of the contract including the right to recover arrears of payment.
6.4 The customer will be notified of any price increase prior to the renewal anniversary.
6.5 The contract is for a 12 month period from the date of acceptance and receipt of funds for the contract cover.
6.6 The cover is subject to an initial inspection which will normally take place in the first 28 days if the system has not been inspected by FGS in the past. The annual check and service may well be undertaken as part of this initial inspection.
6.7 FGS reserves the right to decline and/or terminate a contract if it is found the system does not meet current gas safety regulations unless the remedial works are agreed and paid for.


Termination of contract

7.1 The customer shall provide FGS with a minimum of 28 days notice of the termination and/or non renewal of the contract. In the event that Flames Gas Services wishes to terminate the contract, the company shall provide the customer with 28 days notice of non renewal. Any payments made prior to notice of termination are non refundable.
7.2 The company reserves the right to decline a renewal of any contract.
7.3 If the ownership of the property changes the new owner shall benefit from the remainder of the period of the contract providing full payment has been received or payment is continued by the new owner.
7.4 If the customer decides to cancel their contract any work carried out will be invoiced in full.


Condition of central heating system

8.1 Flames Gas Services reserves the right to withhold at any time any contract offered for reasons of safety, accessibility for service or obsolete parts. The company does not accept responsibility for any inadequacy attributed to the original design and makes no warranty as to the fitness for purpose or condition of the system.


Access to property

9.1 It is the customer's responsibility to ensure FGS can gain access to the property. In the event that FGS cannot gain access despite having made an appointment, FGS will inform the customer and book another appointment. If we are still unable to gain access the engineer's time will be chargeable.
9.2 Landlords - It is the landlord's responsibility to ensure FGS can gain access to the property when appointments have been made. Should FGS be unable to gain access you will be informed. If FGS is not able to gain access on a second visit, the engineer's time will be chargeable.


Before the contract can begin

10.1 FGS will carry out an initial survey and inspection of the system or appliance to ensure they are safe and in good working order. Should the inspection reveal a problem we will:
10.1.1 Tell you of any work required and the cost to you
10.1.2 Decline to offer a contract until such time as the fault has been rectified


Our right to amend the terms and conditions

  Flames Gas Services reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions of this contract with due notice to the customer.


Contact details

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